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Raising the Bar: Revolutionizing Political Creative Campaigns

Brian Athey

“If you don’t design it, you leave it to chance.”

Political creative was bad. Here is how we fixed it.

Let’s be real: the bar for creativity in political advertising has been embarrassingly low for too long. It’s not that the talent isn’t out there; it’s that the process hasn’t been adapted for political campaigns. That’s why we felt compelled to rethink our approach to delivering great creative to our clients. And the first step is recognizing what’s holding our industry back.

The Three Culprits: Risk, Budget, and Scale

In the complex landscape of political branding, three factors have traditionally served as roadblocks:

  • Risk-averse clients
  • Limited budgets
  • Difficulty with scale

Client Fear Factor: Risk-Averse Clients

Traditionally, political consultants have served the same repeated advice to politicians, convincing them to stick to a tired script. But playing it safe doesn’t stir hearts or move needles. That’s why we encourage our candidate’s inclination to be mission driven and dynamic. It’s that mindset that allows us to craft authentic narratives and develop creative that hits the mark. An early investment in brand awareness, paired with a steady stream of creative content, is essential to fundraising and advertising. Plus, it safeguards our candidates against negative attacks by making them exponentially harder to land.

Money Matters: Limited Budgets

Let’s face it: high-quality creative often seems out of reach for budget-conscious campaigns. It’s an expensive line item that are hard to justify. That’s why we’ve reimagined our product line to maximize value. Our unique offerings, including our proprietary Challenger™ websites that can be up and running in just 48 hours, are designed specifically to compliment our fundraising and advertising expertise. That means an investment in our creative can net you big returns fast.

The Scale Paradox

Candidates and campaigns often hit a wall trying to secure top-notch creative, largely because agencies struggle to scale their solutions. Listen up: if a digital firm can’t produce volume, they’re not solving today’s communication challenges. You’ve got to be everywhere, all the time. At PDG, we’re geared for mass content production, putting you lightyears ahead of your competitors.

The Takeaway

We’re able to break the status quo and offer great creative because, fundamentally, we understand campaigns. We’ve been in the trenches, fought the battles, and come out the other side with invaluable experience. We’ve built our team to navigate these obstacles while continually delivering standout creative. We are building to win, and it’s our creative that offers our clients a competitive advantage.

P.S. If you found this enlightening, please share it with anyone you think might benefit. Let’s raise the bar together!

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