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Mastering the ‘Everywhere’ Strategy

Tactics for Growing Your Candidate’s Audience in
Fragmented Media Markets

We’ve been talking a lot recently about fragmented media markets and the challenges they pose for political campaigns. In our last newsletter, we explored the concept of the ‘everywhere’ strategy, as highlighted in our recent op-ed. Today, we’re taking a deeper dive into practical tactics to help your candidate grow their audience and make a lasting impact in this rapidly evolving media landscape.

💬 It’s going down in the DM.

DM gif

As Yo Gotti predicted, Instagram’s Direct Messages (DMs) are where the action is happening. Instagram’s CEO recently revealed that the fastest-growing product on the platform is the DM. This trend is crucial for political campaigns because more rich media is shared there than anywhere else, including the feed. What’s more, the algorithm now values shares more than any other action, making it a priority to optimize your content for DMs.

👀 The Big Short.

the big short gif

Short-form video is a game-changer in digital politics for several reasons:

  • Platform Prioritization: From Facebook Stories to YouTube Shorts, TikTok, and Reels, every major platform is betting on short-form video.
  • Audience-Friendly: Short videos are easily consumable, savable, and shareable.
  • Engagement: When executed effectively, short-form video can be a powerful tool for audience engagement.

🎧 Podcasts and Long-Form Video.

Joe Rogan podcast

Vivek Ramaswamy has been labeled the ‘podcast candidate’ with over 70 appearances under his belt. Donald Trump, too, recognized the power of long-form interviews. In today’s media landscape, not all digital content needs to be ‘snackable.’ Long-form content offers a unique level of exposure and an opportunity to connect deeply with voters. Keep a close eye on this trend.

🥱 Old News.

SNL grumpy old man

While some candidates still rely on cable news sound bites, canned answers, or rehearsed stump speeches, today’s electorate craves authenticity. The key is to choose a medium that your candidate is comfortable with and encourage them to fully engage. As many successful content creators will attest, it’s not about perfection initially; it’s about frequency. Encourage your candidate to post regularly and refine their approach later.

In an era of fragmented media, political campaigns must adapt and innovate to succeed. The ‘everywhere’ strategy, as discussed in our recent op-ed, is not just a theory; it’s a roadmap to victory in 2024 and beyond. We’ll continue to provide you with insights and strategies to help your candidate build a winning campaign in this dynamic media landscape.

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