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North Carolina GOP

North Carolina @ 2020

The Challenge

North Carolina is a battleground state in the 2020 election year. Donald Trump won the state in 2016 with 3 points, but down ballot races such as governor and AG went blue. This election cycle, the NCGOP is looking to tap into a typically unengaged audience to take back Raleigh and ensure victory for the President. That’s where Push Digital comes in.

The Solution

To achieve this aim, Push Digital is running a multifaceted digital campaign. One large facet of that campaign is an extremely successful lead generation campaign. Our accounts, ad, and design teams worked together closely to decide on the most effective audience universe and develop complementary ad sets. Specifically, we utilized language and creative that made the target audience feel a part of a larger team and spoke to the conservative values they hold most dear. Nowadays, folks can be targeted with dozens of ads during just one scroll through Facebook. Knowing what matters to the target audiences and portraying those ideas in a captivating way are necessary for getting conversions.

The Results

After 1.5 months, we have garnered over 5,300 leads for the organization at only $0.47 per lead, which is much lower than the industry average CPL. In addition, we also achieved a reach of over 88k and received over 370k impressions.

Leads and Counting
Per Lead


Charleston, SC

342 East Bay St.
Charleston, SC 29401

Columbia, SC

1400 Laurel St, #4B
Columbia, SC 29201

Alexandria, VA

117 N. Saint Asaph St.
Alexandria, VA 22314