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Herschel Walker for Senate

Georgia © 2022

The bar has been low for so long as it relates to creativity in the political and public affairs space. What’s sufficed as acceptable is..

  1. Is the message correct?
  2. Is there weight to the message behind the creative?
  3. If we play the right message frequently enough, we’ll get the job done,”

Technically, that mentality is standard practice and gets the job done, but is it the best practice?

For Herschel Walker for Senate, we huddled up, strategized and came with the best possible game plan that would result in a win for Herschel. Here’s a sneak peek into our playbook:

  1. The message has got to be right
  2. That message has to be delivered with enough weight to make it stick BUT
  3. It can also be inspiring, thoughtful and ultimately tell a story

Maintaining quality, while producing a consistent quantity of content has been key.

We’ve recently topped 500 pieces of creative and 100 videos- and with every piece produced, the quality, details, and story has been next level.

For example,  team Push covered a Herschel rally – it would be easy to just capture the event and produce a standard video re-capping it like has been done 100 times before, but our video and creative strategy teams took it to the next level. They captured the momentum, energy, vibrancy, and most importantly, story of the day.

This video got millions of organic engagements, and got Herschel’s fans excited about the direction the campaign was heading. 

Push Digital never accepts the bare minimum.

Winning is great, but how you win is what matters.


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